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Sec.3B-51. Purpose.

Every separate principal structure, movable or immovable in use as, or capable of occupancy for a residence, recreational camp, meeting hall, place of worship, civic, commercial or industrial enterprise, (whether for profit or nonprofit) or for any other purpose within East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, shall have a street address number identifying its location. The East Feliciana Parish Police Jury shall issue street address numbers, through the 911/Communication Commission )here-after referred to as 911 Addressing) in accordance with regulations promulgated by it for that purpose.
(Ord. of 2-5-2007)

Sec. 3B-52. Regulation.

(a) Street address numbers are those identifying numerals consistent with identification as set forth by the East Feliciana Parish 911 Commission, which are recognized by the United States Postal Service, and which according to the 911 regulations, are correct address numerals to properly identify all locations of property within East Feliciana Parish.

(b) For a single residence structure (house or trailer) not divided into separate living quarters [nor]exist[ing] in a connected structure (duplexes or townhouses), located on a Federal, State, Parish, or Municipal roadway, each residence shall have a separate particular street address.

(c) A multi-residence structure (apartment building) divided into separate living quarters shall have a particular street address with each apartment identified separately by numbers such as "Apt. 2"

(d) Every mobile home park or sub-divided property with one entrance [as described in Section (b) of this Article], shall have a particular street address with individual trailer space or building site identified separately such as: "Site 12, or Lot 12". Every mobile home park or sub-divided property with one entrance [as described in Section (b) of this Article], shall have a single, consolidated address (i.e., 8473-8479) provided by the 911 Commission and the individual site or property address sign provided by the resident. A copy of the community site map as applicable, name of the mobile home park or sub-divided property (if applicable), roads, space numbers, and emergency telephone numbers for the owner(s), occupant or manager shall be recorded with East Feliciana Parish Clerk of Court in the conveyance records and a stamped copy of the record document shall be deposited with the East Feliciana Police Jury and the 911 Addressing office.

(e) A multi-structure recreational camp or sub-divided property with one entrance [as described in Section (b) of this Article], located on a Federal, State, Parish, or municipal roadway, shall have a particular street address with each individual camp identified separately such as: "Site 1". A copy of this site map showing the camp space shall be deposited with the East Feliciana 911 Addressing office.

(f) An institutional shall have a particular street address.

(g) A commercial or industrial structure serving a single enterprise shall have a particular street address. Where such a structure is separated to house more than one (1) enterprise with separate entrances each establishment shall have a particular street address.

(h) A single entrance office or commercial structure serving multiple enterprises shall have a single address and each enterprise shall be identified by a Suite number 
(i.e. Suite B).

(i) If an address number is changed for any reason, the 911 Director shall be responsible for overseeing the change of the address number. When such a change is made, the 911 Director will notify the United States Postal Service and emergency services. The owner of the building shall change the posted address numbers within thirty (30) days of receipt of such notice. The resident of the building will be responsible for notifying all suppliers and others of the address change.

Sec.3B-53. Display.

(a) Street address numbers shall be displayed on an approved sign made of a fiberglass, resin, or metal so as to be perpendicular to the road and shall have the address number displayed in a vertical plane easily visible from the road when traveling in either direction. The sign will be mounted on a metal post. The street address number display shall be placed near the intersection of the driveway and the roadway. The street address number display shall be at least two (2) feet to (5) feet above road grade on a vertical plane. If in the opinion of the 911 Commission the structures to be identified are situated in such a way that the number displayed at the side of the roadway does not adequately identify the number affixed to the structure itself or close proximity to the same, or in the event the second display is necessary, the 911 Commission shall notify the property owner the necessity for the second display. The 911 Commission will provide the proper second display. There shall be no obstructions to preclude the street address numbers from being seen from the roadway. Where post is inappropriate the street address number must be displayed to identify the structure in the most visible manner in color and size required below-.

(b) All street address numbers on the public roadway shall be white reflective lettering on a green background, which can be seen easily when viewed from the roadway from either direction while in a vehicle. Should an additional or sole display of address numbers be required on the structure as noted above, it is required that the numbers of said display be a reflective color contrasting with the background surface color upon which they are mounted.

(c) Existing address signs, which met previous emergency address sign regulations and the red signs with white lettering for residents within the Ethel Fire District issued prior to the revision of May 2, 2011 will be considered in compliance as long as they remain in good condition. Any new or replacement signs after May 2, 2011 mst comply with subparagraph (b) above.

(d) Subsequent to promulgation and effective date or the regulation, any new assignment of street addresses will include provision of a standard sign at a minimum fee. Signage to properly identify an existing street address can be obtained from the 911 office at a minimum cost. All street address numbers shall be a minimum of three (3) inches in height and one (1) inch in width, for adequate visibility.

Sec. 3B-54. Authorization.

(a) Owners, lessors, lessees or other persons, corporations or other entities possessing any interest in any new construction or other structures outlined in sections 3B-51 and 3B-52 shall notify the police jury and 911 Commission of any sale, lease or any other change in structure/ land usage in order to determine if a 911 address has been issued and they shall inform the police jury and 911 Commission of a contact person, physical and mailing address, telephone number, provide a form of identification and a copy of the property description. This would include a copy of the vehicle identification number or other identifying number on movables (mobile homes, etc.).

(b) The East Feliciana Parish Building Department shall not issue a permit unless a proper 911 Address and the information set forth in subsection 3B-55(a) has been provided from/ to the parish police jury through the 911 Commission.

Sec. 3B-55. Enforcement/penalty.

(a) No permit for new construction will be issued until numbers are displayed in accordance with these regulations.

(b) Unless particularly disqualified by the parish police jury, existing street address numbers displayed on the date of adoption of these regulations are deemed to conform for up to 18 months, after which ALL structures must comply. Future repair or replacement will require numbers to conform to these regulations.

(c) All residents and/ or property owners not in compliance with this ordinance may be cited and upon finding that the defendant if in violation of the regulation, the defendant shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and be sentenced to pay a fine of not more than twenty five dollars ($25.00) .